Attic Packages & Financing

At Atticus Insulation LLC in Big Lake, Minnesota, we offer exceptional value for your money. We offer three packages to suit any budget and convenient financing is available.

One of the most common misconceptions on fixing an attic space, is that adding additional R-value to an attic will solve your energy loss, ice dam, or water intrusion problems. This is FALSE, at Atticus Insulation we have found after years of attic rehabs to fix these problems you must find the source of the conditioned air leaking into your attic space.  Air Sealing - is the most important step in this process, finding and closing off all points of air leakage into the attic space. This will ensure that no conditioned air is entering into the attic space.  Ventilation - installing proper intake (Process in which air flows from the soffit into the attic space) and exhausting (Process in which air exchanges out roof vents) also a very important step in developing a functioning and healthy attic space. R-value - additional R-value can then be added to achieve a level R-50 throughout your attic space. 

Gold Package

Get total control over the health of your home with our Gold Package. We start by removing all the existing insulation in your attic space until the attic floor is clear of all insulation and animal feces. Then new ventilation and closed-cell polyurethane spray foam insulation is added. We maximize ventilation and coat the entire attic floor with 1.5" of closed-cell spray foam. Additional R-value is then added with fiberglass insulation to achieve an R-50 rating throughout the home. We perform all this work in a healthy, organized, and controlled manner.

Silver Package

Stop ice dams in their tracks. Our Silver Package is specifically designed for clients who have problems with ice dams. We begin by exposing all points of air leakage in the attic, including every wall plate. Then, we maximize ventilation with properly installed air chutes. All points of leaking are coated with closed-cell polyurethane spray foam to ensure an airtight seal. Finally, the attic is re-insulated with additional R-value to achieve an R-50 rating throughout the home. These steps stop air leaks to create a high-performance, energy-efficient home that stays free of ice dams.

Bronze Package

Cut your energy bills with our Bronze Package! This package is designed for families who want to save money on heating and cooling costs. We begin by maximizing ventilation with properly installed air chutes. Then we spot-seal critical air leak points to stop air movement. Your attic is then insulated with additional R-value to achieve an R-50 rating throughout the home. This package is an extremely cost-effective way to minimize your expenses and maximize comfort.

Financing Options

Anyone can afford to insulate their home with our convenient financing options. We work closely with the Minnesota Center for Energy and Environment (CEE) to make our services more accessible. The CEE Lending Center provides financing to residential property owners and businesses for energy-related improvements. As a non-traditional lender and a nonprofit organization, they provide loan processing services to many partnering cities and utilities. They are also a Minnesota Housing Fix-Up program lender, and offer programs tailored to meet a wide variety of financing needs. Contact them at:

Center for Energy and Environment
212 Third Avenue North, Suite 560
Minneapolis, MN 55401
(612) 335-5858
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